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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Counting the days

You can go to this link on Counting the Days on Abi's blog to read the full post.

Moving day is coming whether I like it or not. We did find that the kids could not be in the house for us to pack.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Horse, the snake, the ram, and Two Dragons: Mother Day's Gift

The Horse, the snake, the ram, and Two Dragons: Mother Day's Gift

At this link I blogged about my mother's day Gift from the kids. If you go here, you can see what the gifts are. I couldn't ask for any better gift, other than the real people, and I am so blessed by the real people.
Thanks go their Sunday School teacher for the idea. What a wonderful teacher they have.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's day, Zach's Birthday, and other news

First: Wednesday, Zach turned 4 years old. Yea. We sang happy birthday to him in church and we so embarrassed. I kept telling him, that he was going to have a birthday, and he would tell me "no". I don't think he understands what it means. But Wednesday we sent a cake to the day care for them to have a party. Well, I sent 2 cakes, 1 for Zach's class and the other class that eats with them, and another for Katy's huge class. Don't know if there was any left, and don't care. We have gifts for him, but we will wait until mom comes home from another conference to have our family celebration. Here is a link to Zach's pictures. So here's to Zach;

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Zachary
Happy Birthday to you!
Second: Mother's day.

We celebrated Mom's day, by bringing her flowers and cards. Kara kept wanting to give her my card for me, and I had to explain that this was from me to mom. At church the kids had made picture frames with their pictures in them. The S. S. Teacher had taken their pictures weeks ago to have ready for the mom's day. They were really cute. They also made a card with a bible verse in it for mom. We then went out to eat at the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Roanoke, which the kids call "The Chinese New Year" restaurant. That was the end of celebrating, we then went home, put the kids and big kids down for a nap. After that it was packing, picking up, getting the kids ready for the new week, and playing. Our friend Mikey came over and announced that he too was moving but even further away to Penn. Boo Hoo. We wish him well. Several phone calls. One which was my sister calling me to tell me my oldest sister Katherine had had a heart attack and was being rushed from BrenhamTexas to Bryant Texas. It was not good news. But today the news is a little better for her, except this heart attack really damaged her heart. She will have to take better care of herself. God bless all the mothers. My mom is dead, she died in 2000 after living a long life. Abi's mom is still living and we called to wish her happy mother's day, all the kids talked to her which brightened her day.
Well as I noted earlier, Mom is away at a preaching conference so she can continue to improve her preaching skills, although I think it really is to get away. She registered for the conference long ago, and when she found out we were moving was thinking about cancelling it, but we decided she needed to go. She left me a detailed list of what is to happen everyday of the week, and put out the items that went with whatever day, except the dance costumes. Boy do I have my job cut out for me. Teresa, a member of the church is helping me with Kara, school and on dance practice night. Abi don't do this to me again. I am on my last week of work, I will have to down next week and process out, but Friday is my last day at Ft. Benning. And boy are they squeezing every little ounce of it out of me. I am glad and sad. I am worried I won't be able to find something in or around Florence. I can still work civil service, but neither the VA or Redstone Arsenal are hiring yet. I know that we can make it to Jan, when my social security kicks in, but I am used to working, and it will be different. So say a prayer for us about these major transisitons we are in. We believe that God is good and God will provide our needs, he has done it before, and he will do it again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pictures are posted

I know i have been promising the posting of the beach pictures, and just have not gotten around to it. But today, I have been working on a new blog, where you can see our families' pictures.
You will find beach pictures, tee-ball pictures, dash and bash pictures so have a look.
Here is the link. If you click it, it should take you there.

Report on our new home and setting

Yesterday, Mom made the long trip to Florence to meet some of the church members, see the church, and the parsonage. Several members were there to greet her, and take her out to lunch. They had a nice lunch at O'Charleys. The present Pastor and his wife joined them so it was a nice bantor of conversation. They were most congenial. They then took her over to see the parsonage.
Nice parsonage, and finally a garage again, with a storage shed. Yea! (We don't have either right now, and have been concerned things would disappear, but have not so far.) They even have an attic, (we had to put one in here when we moved here.) Big back yard, no fence though. 3 houses down from the church, not right next to it. New laminated flooring inside. 3 bedrooms. Great room, 2 bath, and formal living room/dining room. Laundry room. It has the essentials. Nicely furnished. She liked it, and She thinks it will suit us. We are going to have to have a moving sale though, but we were thinking about doing one anyway. Moving gets harder every time. And wouldn't you know it, she forgot to take the camera to get pictures of the inside, so the kids could see their bedrooms. Oh well.

The church has a very nice Family Life Center which is used a great deal. Nice classrooms. The youth have some nice space to meet in and play in (always a plus.) The office is in the church, not in the parsonage. She has a secretary, I don't have to do all the secretarial work, Yea. but of course that means deadlines for Mom. The sanctuary is beautiful. They have some good members. They have a little play ground area, the play equipment needs some work. Houses all around, apartment complex down the way, school nearby, community center. Mall, all the different stores, Walmart, Target, all the eateries, lake and river, nice parks. Its looking good.

Mom did however have a long drive there and back. And had to fight the 18 wheelers all the way. What was it, trucking day? The late afternoon drive wasn't as bad. Although she did run out of energy and the ability to concentrate by the time she got home. Thank you Lord for a safe drive. We'll go up there as a family when my job ends and school is out so the whole family can see it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Packing and moving

Well, I know you don't want to hear about this, but I am going to blog it anyway. I am getting help with packing and am making headway, well some headway. I am just not able to do it when the kids are here.
The office, and the living room are full of boxes, and not every thing is packed. Help we are being taken over by boxes.

And it is upsetting them that we are moving, they are not sure what to think. Even Katy wanted to know if we were leaving her behind. No, we are not leaving anyone behind. Even the dogs and cats are moving.

Tomorrow I am going to Florence, so you might want to click here to read all about it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mom and the Trooper

Today, mom got a ticket driving to her Dental appointment. Now mom has not gotten a ticket in a long time, and has even done better in driving the speed limit. (She has tried to stop being Abi Andretti.) We sure appreciate it. But she was running late, and so was going over the speed limit. Uh Oh, that can only spell the blue light special. Mom forgot how the troopers treat people sometimes, not always, but sometimes when they stop them. The meanie made mama cry. Now, here's the thing; she admited she was speeding at 65, but the Cop wanted to push the issue and argue with her, which she did not understand when she admitted she was speeding. When asked several times why she was speeding, she told him because she was late for an appointment at the Doctor. (That didn't stop him from giving her a ticket.) Nor did she understand getting pulled over when she was following someone just as fast as she was going. He accused her of going 70, when she had set her cruise control at 65, he told her it didn't matter what her's said it matter what his said. Yep, that's right, how could she argue that one, other than to say she had to by what hers said, and she couldn't read his. Mama tried to be polite. Oh well, its off to court we go, hi ho, hi ho. And oh yes, Mama was even later for her appointment. And she did not drive back the same way, and probably won't ever go that way again. She is thinking of writing a letter about how to be polite to mama's driving white vans. (I thought they said white vans were the safest.) Not today. I am not a criminal nor I am a drug pusher, or any of those things. I am a mama driving a van with too many distractions. Mama said she was going to slow down no matter how late she was.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The kid and the Dentist

Well even though the three kids have seen the Dentist, it was not the Three Stooges and the Dentist. However, like so many of the kids from China and the orphanages, the teeth were the last thing to receive care. Katy had one cavity that was fixed when she was little.
Kara had one already fixed, they found one that needed fixing, and one to watch because they think it will come out already. Kara would not let the Dentist fix the cavity. After the shot, she just clamped down with her jaws and there was no fixing her teeth. He referred her to a Pediatric Dentist.
And now the boy, the first time we saw his teeth, we knew the Dental bill was going to be big. Well, when the Dentist came in to look at his teeth, I believe he named off everyone of the teeth having a cavity. He referred him to the same Pediatric Dentist. He told us they would probably put him in the hospital, put him to sleep to fix all those cavities. Poor boy. But he sure was good for the Dental tech while she cleaned his teeth.
We also know past the cavities and regular cleaning, there will likely be more oral surgery for the two with a cleft palate, once they fix the hard palate, at about age 8 or 9.
Thank you for Dental Ins.

On a sad note, our dearly beloved Dentist, Dr. Binns, has a brain tumor. He has turned his practice over to Dr. Tulley, a very nice capable young man. Dr. Binns used to take his group on Dental missions to various countries in need. His office has paintings from these countries. He is a down to earth Christian man. He is now in the care of Hospice.