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Monday, May 08, 2006

Mom and the Trooper

Today, mom got a ticket driving to her Dental appointment. Now mom has not gotten a ticket in a long time, and has even done better in driving the speed limit. (She has tried to stop being Abi Andretti.) We sure appreciate it. But she was running late, and so was going over the speed limit. Uh Oh, that can only spell the blue light special. Mom forgot how the troopers treat people sometimes, not always, but sometimes when they stop them. The meanie made mama cry. Now, here's the thing; she admited she was speeding at 65, but the Cop wanted to push the issue and argue with her, which she did not understand when she admitted she was speeding. When asked several times why she was speeding, she told him because she was late for an appointment at the Doctor. (That didn't stop him from giving her a ticket.) Nor did she understand getting pulled over when she was following someone just as fast as she was going. He accused her of going 70, when she had set her cruise control at 65, he told her it didn't matter what her's said it matter what his said. Yep, that's right, how could she argue that one, other than to say she had to by what hers said, and she couldn't read his. Mama tried to be polite. Oh well, its off to court we go, hi ho, hi ho. And oh yes, Mama was even later for her appointment. And she did not drive back the same way, and probably won't ever go that way again. She is thinking of writing a letter about how to be polite to mama's driving white vans. (I thought they said white vans were the safest.) Not today. I am not a criminal nor I am a drug pusher, or any of those things. I am a mama driving a van with too many distractions. Mama said she was going to slow down no matter how late she was.


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